Tuesday, April 11, 2006

What's been up?

While my brain is still loaded with all kinds of thoughts, I am keeping myself busy physically as well. We are having GREAT spring weather which has meant much time being spent in the great outdoors. Many hours of work have gone into my yard already getting the lawn and flower beds ready for their displays of beauty. I even got my first sunburn of the season this last weekend. It isn't the harsh, painful burn that you would get further into the season so it actually was kind of fun.

I have started the process of a new adventure for the summer too. I have sent in a registration to get into a class for beginners to learn how to drive a motorcycle. I have had a love of motorcycles for many years and finally decided that I should take the leap from being just passenger to driver. Am I crazy? That is to be determined! I am excited (and nervous) to see how it goes when I try and contol a bike on my own for the first time. I will keep you posted as I move further into my adventure. Wish me luck!! :)