Friday, March 24, 2006

What did you give up?

It is that Lenten time of year again! Lent is such a good practice of self discipline.

As a Lutheran I didn't actually give up anything, but I have been thinking that I should. It seems a little late to start now, but maybe as a beginner this would be a good way to break myself in. Better late than never - does that work here too?

One of my friends said that she gave up fast food and is finding it very difficult to stick to some days. Those quick easy lunches on the run are the most missed. She has been a good Catholic and stuck to her commitment though.

What did you give up?

I think I would have to go with chocolate as my first sacrifice. I just really love it way to much and crave it quite often. I would do OK at home because I try not to buy any chocolate so I don't have the temptation so readily available. However, at work it is a different story. There is always food, including chocolate sitting around staring you in the face. That would be my big challenge!

So here, on my blog, for all of you to read, I am declaring that I give up chocolate from now until the end of Lent. Friends and family please be helpful and supportive when I am around you! : )