Saturday, March 25, 2006

Online Dating...

Well folks, I have recently given in and tried online dating. I have been told (somewhat pressured) by some people that I should give it a try since I am still single "at my age." At my age...yes, I know, I am getting old. Just say it though, don't try and sugar coat it with a lame phrase.

It just seems really sad to me that at 34 years old I still haven't met a good man. No, I can't say that, because I have met a good man. I know a good man that I am interested in but he doesn't feel the same toward me. So, I will rephrase and say, I think it is sad that "at my age" I haven't met a good man that I am interested in that feels the same way.

So, now I finally give in and try online dating, and what happens today? I hear from a 20 year old guy in Moorhead, MN. OK, first problem, TWENTY YEARS OLD, what, come on. I could almost be his mother - if I had been promiscuous at 14 years old and gotten myself in trouble. (It happens, but thankfully not to me.) Second problem, he is 200 miles away. So now I am supposed to travel 200 miles to have a torrid affair with my, barely legal, 20 year old boyfriend. Ha, I don't think so, sorry dude.

My first thought when I saw his age is, "this has got to be a joke right. He and his college buddies are just having a good laugh at the expense of the poor lonely old lady on the internet." Who knows, but whatever the truth, it is making me feel kinda pathetic right now. Why am I online dating? I don't know! I guess it's a part of the world we live in now but I'm not sure how long it is going to last for me. I am thinking about getting rid of my "profile" already. What's a lonely old lady to do??