Thursday, February 23, 2006

Rearrange, reorganize...

At work today my shared office space was being rearranged and reorganized because we were able to get rid of a LARGE printer that was in there. It has been "retired" and allowed to go to printer heaven, where upset office workers don't want to beat the crap out of it every day. Can we have a moment of silence, please, in remembrance of Mr. Toshiba Printer. OK, enough of that. We actually had talked about having a celebratory PARTY the day we finally got rid of that thing, however that didn't come to fruition, darn!

Now, with that large open area we are able to reorganize the MESS, oh, I mean office. I am hoping that all of this will help me to feel a little more settled and more like I belong in this space. As the newbie, coming in about 4 1/2 months ago, I just haven't felt like I have fit in yet. I walked into a long established team of 2 designers who are coworkers, as well as close friends. Yeaaaaaaah, that has made things a little awkward for me. Maybe now that we are cleaning out some of the "old" I can finally fit into place with some of the "new."

I had my first review, with my supervisor and manager, on Tuesday and that went surprising well, so hopefully this week will be the start of better times to come at work???