Friday, February 17, 2006

OK Creative Chicen Chica, here ya go. I guess I haven't been very "chatty" lately. Thanks for the 1st comment on my blog, I was so excited!! : )

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Winter...

I guess our time of being spoiled North Dakotans, having a nice, warm, enjoyable winter (so far this year) is temporarily over. We have once again hit the "deep freeze" as we tend to do at least once or twice every winter. When we get to the point of our HIGH temperature being below zero you know it's gonna be cold!!!! In temperatures like the one we are currently having (-10˚ actual temp., wind chill feels like about -20˚) you can quickly freeze off your bum, and every other part of your body, in a matter of minutes!! This is the weather that makes you want to hypernate inside a nice, warm, cozy home atmosphere and be LAZY! All of the new residents of Bismarck-Mandan who have arrived with our "booming" business sector are getting a taste of the REAL North Dakota winter now. I had been thinking a couple of weeks ago, as I was taking an enjoyable walk outside in January/February, that the newcomers to our state have been fooled by the weather they have witnessed so far. Well, haha, now reality sets in. You still want to live here?? It takes a hardy stock of people that can keep thriving through any temperature/weather extreme. As I was driving around town this evening I was thinking about how no matter what Mother Nature throws at us we just keep livin' our lives as normal as possible. Maybe it takes a couple extra minutes to get where you are going or you have some trouble starting your car, yet life just keeps going. We are amazing, all of us hardy North Dakota die-hards!!