Saturday, February 25, 2006

Boy do I love saturday morning workouts...

I feel like I can really kick butt and work hard! It's amazing what a difference it makes to be fresh from a good night of sleep, with some breakfast and coffee coursing through my veins, instead of after hours of work. Yeah baby!! I'm not a pretty sight though - unshowered, sleepy eyes on my pale winter white face with my bedhead hair sticking out in all directions. Yeah, it's real cute! Go ahead and laugh, I usually do when I look in the mirror. I feel sorry for the other ladies at the gym sometimes that have to see me, but I'm not the only one lookin' this way on Saturday mornings, so then I don't feel so bad. That's one really good thing about working out at an all female gym, it's OK if I look a little scary because I'm not there trying to impress anyone. I'm just there to get a good workout.

Even though we have had a pretty nice winter, and I have taken quite a few walks outside, I still look forward to this summer when I can get outside to exercise on weekend mornings rather than having to go inside at the gym. It just feels less like work, and more like fun, when you get to go outside and "play" doesn't it?