Sunday, January 01, 2006


RAH, RAH, RAH - actually, no, more like blah, blah, blah. As my sister so eloquently put it a couple of days ago "New Year's is dumb!"

Everyone puts all of this hype on New Year's Eve and the "events" of the evening. In all of my 33 years I have yet to have an "exciting" New Year night. I have tried many different ways of spending my "new eve's" and it's always turned out to be just another night with time ticking away. I think the most fun times I remember is when I was in grade school and actually got to stay up late with the adults, eat snacks and see the new year start (if I could stay awake that long.) Yeah, those were some good times.

Well, no matter if your New Year's Eve was great or not so much I hope everyone has a wonderful 2006 with lots of happiness, adventure, fun and love!! So HAPPY NEW YEAR - and this time I mean it!!